Masseria Subscription Bundle 4 x 500mL Tins Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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It's time to finally experience the essence of truly premium quality extra virgin olive oil with Masseria. Imported directly from our producers, Masseria is crafted from hand-harvested, certified organic Nocellara Etnea olives, grown on centuries-old trees at the base of Mt. Etna in Sicily, Italy. Our olive oil is first cold-pressed, monocultivar, and single-estate, ensuring unmatched purity and freshness. This isn't just olive oil—it's a taste of the extraordinary.
We partner with producers who are committed to traditional harvesting and extraction methods, dedicated to preserving the natural health benefits of genuine Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Masseria is not only delicious but also boasts a polyphenol count of 360mg/kg.

Rich and vibrant, with notes of green tomato, grass, and a peppery finish. Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has an intense flavor true to its Sicilian origin.


Masseria is made entirely of organic Nocellara Etnea olives, a cultivar that is only grown at the base of Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily, Italy.

The volcanic soil in this area is rich in nutrients and minerals, which gives the Nocellara Etnea olives a distinct flavor profile, with a slightly spicy and fruity taste.


Masseria enhances every dish, amplifying the flavors and freshness of all other ingredients. This exquisite oil transforms simple meals into celebrations of taste and aroma.

Beyond its vibrant taste, Masseria excels as a finishing oil. Drizzle it over your final dish for a touch of elegance, or blend it into dressings and dips for a depth of flavor. It’s perfect for mopping up with your favorite bread, sautéing vegetables, or searing meats, thanks to its naturally high smoke point.

Explore its versatility with unexpected pairings: try Masseria on ice cream, roasted vegetables, and both raw and steamed fish. Whether taken as a shot or used as part of a recipe, Masseria enriches every culinary experience.