Subscriptions are designed to offer our high-volume consumers the best value while also securing an allocation for future harvests.

Choose your delivery frequency—four times, three times, or twice a year—and receive a box of four 500mL containers of Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with every shipment.

Subscriptions are fully flexible and can be paused, altered, or canceled at any time through your customer portal.

Each harvest you’ll only be guaranteed the allocation you initially purchase. Existing subscribers have priority over new members when sizing up their allocations. If a harvest is sold out you can join a waitlist for the next harvest.

We sell in packages of four tins. On average a two person household uses one 500mL tin of Masseria per month. For a year supply we recommend buying at least one four-pack per person per household for each harvest.

Thanks to it’s freshness, quality and packaging Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will last you two years un-opened without deteriorating in it’s nutritional qualities. Once opened try to finish the product within two months and store in a dry and cool place out of direct heat sources like stoves and sun-light.

To guarantee freshness we package in practical sized tin-plated steel containers that protect the precious content from light and air. Tins also reduce the likelihood of breakage during transport and lower the carbon footprint associated with shipping and recycling compared to traditional glass bottles.

To get the health benefits we’ve all been told it’s famous for, you should use Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in all of your cooking. We encourage you to use it for finishing as well as frying and roasting. Heat only affects the nutritional values of quality olive oil when it’s sustained overtime. Quickly frying a steak, or stir frying vegetables in Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best way to pay tribute to the quality of your ingredients.

Masseria Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is single source. The olives are hand selected, cold extracted, and unblended guaranteeing you utmost purity and freshness!

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We want your Masseria olive oil to arrive safely! Please note, we aren't responsible for packages once they're marked delivered.

For extra peace of mind, consider secure delivery options. If your package goes missing, check with neighbors or local authorities. We're here to help with any questions!

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For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept returns or pickups at this point.

If your order arrives damaged or defective, please reach out to and we will arrange for a replacement or refund.

Reach out to with details of your order and pictures of your damaged package. Each shipment is insured so we'll make sure to process your claim and send you a new pack pronto!

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Masseria is a family business started by Pai-Wuen Mausi in Venice, CA.

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